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I feel very strongly that people who just drop in and haven't been there for
much of OS, especially the beginning, can, even inadvertently, close the
space a little.

I did an OS with a church over a weekend and what we told people was that if
you couldn't be there for the opening (Friday evening), you couldn't come to
the rest but if you came on Friday evening but had to miss some of the rest,
that was okay. We also asked that people who were going to post topics who
could only be there that evening to pick times that evening, since there were
fewer sessions that evening. Similarly we asked people who expected to be
there for the whole time, to first choose Saturday times if possible.

People respected that. So if you could contact the local politicians to ask
them if at all possible to come to the opening or at least to coach them
about how OS works and how they might best contribute if they drop in later
during the event, it might help.

Just some thoughts,

Esther Ewing
The Change Alliance
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Toronto, Ontario M5M 1S9

Assisting Individuals and Organizations to Build Capability
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