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Viv McWaters viv at theReef.com.au
Sun May 6 17:00:31 PDT 2001

Hi all

Thanks for your comments on warm up. While the discussion was continuing on
the list I was opening space for a group pf 40 dairy industry policy
makers, support organisations and dairy farmers.

As usual, I learn best from doing (being an active experimenter) and these
are my observations from this last event:

1) people arrived from all over Victoria (some having driven for more than
six hours to get to the event). Many of them were literally 'stopped in
their steps' as they went to enter the main room where the circle of chairs
greeted them - this was part of their warm-up

2) As I waited in the wings for some latecomers and while everyone else was
chatting and drinking coffee I overheard some of the snippets of
conversation - there was interest tinged with anticipation and a dash of
apprehension. More warming up.

3) Harrison's comments about ritual certainly ring true. The temple bells,
the theme, the walking of the circle, the description of the process  - all
helped warm the group up to a vibrant and successful event

In trying to be unnoticed once the marketplace opened, I retreated to the
libaray and pulled out my dog-eared copy of the User's Guide. I read about
the changing relationship to the circle - how by the second day it becomes
natural - and even heard comments to that effect the next day (especially
from thge dairy farmers).

My conclusions? The warm up is embedded in the process, but where there may
be some other appropriate ritual for a group, I would incorporate it. But I
am no longer anxious about coming up with an appropriate warm up! Thanks.


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