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Tue May 15 22:29:00 PDT 2001

Hello all

I've been asked to help a local seaside town (population 3500) explore
options for future child-care services following the closure of a number of
services and the consequent loss of population and users of existing

We're starting with a one-day OS to explore the issues and opportunities -
hopefully bringing many of the key players together and to get a lot of the
issues on the table, as well as ID next steps.

There's quite a lot of interest in the community - although the concept of
an OS process is all but unknown and even though the invitation outlines
the process there is still an expectation of a 'traditional' public meeting
- 'experts' doing presentations and fielding questions etc.

Two or three of the local politicians have indicated they'll be attending
for a couple of hours here, an hour there etc (although we asked that
people come for the whole day if they can).

What experiences have others had of dealing with drop-ins, especially
politicians who could turn out to be space invaders (an assumption I know -
but I'd rather not be caught off-guard given that this will be this
community's first experience of OS).



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