Who is the client

Beck György gbeck at beckground.hu
Thu May 3 03:35:09 PDT 2001

Let me have an other angle to see this issue.

I think it would worth to collect our experience on, who will buy the OS?
Here is my contribution. There is a classification of managers by Ichak
Adizes, who talks about 4 types of managers. Of course this 4 types are not
appearing clearly, but in a mixture, where the dominance is on one or
another type.
The P people are the producers (e.g. a technical or manufacturing manager),
who want to get the job done.
The A people are the administrators (like controllers, accountants) who want
the rules to be kept.
The E people, the entrepreneurs who are creative and risk takers, who go for
the challenges (like marketing, FINANCE!, Human resource,  sales)
The I people, whose main objective is to Integrate the organisation.
(This can appear in any part of the organization, depending on the folks,
sitting there.)

In this sense our clients might be the E and I people, who can accept the
"chaos" and can see the possible positive outcome from it.

I think the P and A people can only be our clients, if they have a strong E
or I. Since these roles are conflicting, there is not much chance for it.
Someone has wrote about the engineers (typical P) who loves the OS, when
realise, it works.

I am afraid, that it was too short explanation, but hope you can start from


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