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JayWV at aol.com JayWV at aol.com
Tue May 1 07:39:58 PDT 2001

Hi folks:
Ralph Copleman once posed this challenge, I believe for a beach setting, and
I was so taken with it that I attracted my own client with the same need.
I'll be doing Open Space outdoors for the first time this June for a day in a
natural area in Pennsylvania with about 25 folks from a food manufacturing
company (the whole company).  We'll be telling stories around the camp fire
the night before.

I've imagined that I can have my talking posters (the law, principles, etc.)
as colorful handouts for each individual and that I can make a makeshift
freestanding "wall" from a vollyball net draped with stiff brown paper.  This
group doesn't do lap tops but I can see a pile of clipboards, with pens tied
on, and sheafs of paper in template form for taking notes by conveners or
their notetakers.  I suppose we could drag a few flipchart easels out of
doors as well for the groups.  That and some sun screen and mosquito
repellant could just do us.

Any thoughts, or experiences, from folks who have taken Open Space into open

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