be prepared for importance

florian fischer florianfischer at
Mon May 21 01:21:01 PDT 2001

dear friends
as the actual poet laureate i confirm the receive of the trophy
which was announced and sent from jeff aitken as the facilitator of the
past contest and celebration.
i´ve got jeff´s personal copy of early prose poems of robert bly, edited
in 1978.
looking in vain for something like a dedication  i had to learn,
that a trophy must not show any sign about being an object of
special importance. only i myself can add that importance by reading the
and knowing or speaking about how i did get it.
perhaps i had to learn, that there is not any importance in the world
me to be prepared for the equal importance of everything which happens
in the world.
thanks jeff for that lesson.please have a look to my other mail "poet
which is my thanksgiving with a new poem "gendering poly game".


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