OSLIST Poetry Celebration and Contest

florian fischer florianfischer at ff-wey.com
Wed May 2 11:29:10 PDT 2001

oh, my dear,
the poetry-talking stick of that wonderful circle of open!spaced people,
is moving over to the old continent, is moving over to another language,
is moving over to someone who got already such a lot of enrichment
in listening, in lurking and unlurking, in taking part within that circle !
it´s such a good feeling not to stay on a stage but being related within a
where is no need nor to applause nor to bow. i´m aware, that getting the
is getting the responsibility  to drive on the following stage of the
what an honor, what a challenge. probably  i´´ll ask for help, when time
comes up.
thanks to all of you and a large hug to lisa, chris, alan, peggy, todd,
joelle and david,
who had been together with me in that "appreciate inquiery" of all the list,
(within the large hug) dear jeff, thanking you for all the effort you have
done. well done.

florian fischer
begleitung im wandel
münchener straße 6
d 10779 berlin
fon 0049.30.2116752
fax 0049.30.2115943
florianfischer at ff-wey.com

Jeff Aitken schrieb:

> I am pleased to announce that our new Poet Laureate is Florian Fischer!
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