The Illusion of Successful change requires the top person

uwe.weissflog Uwe.Weissflog at
Sat Feb 24 00:14:25 PST 2001


I full heartedly agree with your point that "when leaderships rests only with a
selected few, the dance eventually stops". This observations might allow us to
add yet another facet to the leadship/followership conversation - the facet of
scarcety, greed, power and the likes. Actually we might consider that the
conversation is not about leading and following but about who has power over
whom. Because this relationship often equates to leadership = more money = more
status = you name it, AND because we mostly have a scarcety mentallity the
result is that those who lead want to hold on to it. Not because they want to
lead but because of the gains society rewards leaders with.

And yet, I'm hesitant to see everybody to be a leader. As much as not everybody
is a physicist or mathematician. But, what if the whole crux is that we are
confusing the terms. We say leadership but we actuially mean power and control
over others. I assume we may have both conversations going on at the same time,
and we use one (the leadership conversation) to state our view on power and
control (the other conversation). In this sense I'm totally with you - I too
think it is not right that we allowed ourselves to believe that the leaders are
a special group of people. They are not.

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