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Welcome George! Good to see you on the list --

At 01:53 AM 2/13/01 -0700, you wrote:
>Business - here I could read some points on the OST being free though we
>should make a living on it.

I guess the way I would put it -- Open Space is free. I am not -- at least
not all the time.

>Let me use an example - I can use the Reiki Energy, being tuned in (sorry
>if the wordings are improper), but
>I could never ask money for helping someone, because it is not MY energy
>(and I am not professional enough, and it is very difficult, if I really
>The question: how do you quote prices to the clients. Is it a daily based
>fee, or something else?

Speaking only for myself -- My prices vary with the client -- from $0 to a
lot. I tend to charge a flat rate for an Open Space which includes
consultation before (how to set it up) and after (what to do next.) For the
rest I charge a day rate.

>Clients - In relationship with the above issue - I read jealously your
>report about working with groups, that have the corresponding groups in
>Hungary (like minorities)
>and could never raise any found to pay any fee for something like the OS.
>So at the moment I see as potential client only the multinationals, getting
>to Hungary and trying to introduce a new management/organization culture.

Actally we have somebody on this list who is doing just what you are
talking about. Named Elwin. Hopefully he will pick up on this, and if not,
I will shake his tree. Or something like that.

>Name - Actually I was translating the name into Hungarian, when the first
>reaction was on the name
>Open Space, that it is something to do with the moon i.e. lunatic staff.

That name can be a problem -- and it is a little late to come up with a new
one. When people look a little surprised I say that is  rather like Spring
Cleaning. You know, when the Winter is over and it is time to Open Up all
the doors and windows to let some fresh air in.

Glad to have you with us.


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