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I too have used the video "The Color of Fear".  It is a powerful venue for discussion.  The last group I used it with was for 22  U.S. Marine Corps Generals (newly promoted to General) as a part of their Executive Indoctrination program.  The group immediately "closed ranks" while in public (the indoc formal setting).  But I noticed when on breaks they were discussing the in smaller groups.  I decided to put them on a permanent break for the duration of the session for discussions in groups of their own choosing.  At the end of the day they  "hotwashed"  (a marine term for a closing circle).  The depth of their awareness was stunning.  Bear in mind this occurred before I was introduced to OST or talking circles.  Had I been Open Space connected I would have started that way in the first place as it was kind of where we ended up anyways.

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      I am wondering if anyone has used something similar in dealing with 
      racial issues?  or with community police issues?

  I've often used dialogue in a talking circle accompanying The Color of Fear, 
  a video about 10 men of diverse ethnic background dialoguing their experience 
  of racism.  Highly highly recommended. 



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