OSLIST FAQ version 1.0

Artur F. Silva artsilva at mail.eunet.pt
Thu Feb 8 04:07:07 PST 2001

Chris, Peggy and all:

At 20:56 07-02-2001 -0800, Peggy Holman wrote:

>To Artur's comment:
> >I think that in "general introductory statements" that may "commit
> > the all community  we shall ONLY use concepts, references and
> > quotations that can be directly found in Harrison's books, or have been
> > agreed upon by the OS community (that is, BTH, the reason I am using
> > community and not mouvement ;-) .

My previous message was quite detailled and, in spite of my language
problems and other minor questions, I though it was clear :-((
One may try to understand it or try to misunderstand it - that's ones
choice. And from it, I though, any one who knows English better that
myself could easily create release 1.1. As it didn't happen, I am proposing,
by separete mail, a version with some modifications. If someone will be so
kind to correct the English mistakes and send it back I would appreciate.

After that I suggest that the list compare the two versions and sellect one,
or a third one, or do any other thing the list preffers. I will not lose
more of
your and my time with this and will not discuss this subject further.

>Since I am one of the people Chris quoted, this may sound self serving.  If
>so, so be it.  I think it is quite important that more than Harrison's
>words are used throughout this FAQ. A gift from Harrison to all of us has
>been the generosity of spirit associated with his  invitation to freely open
>space.  Through his gift, we are not be beholden to him as a guru.  There
>are many experienced practitioners who continue to contribute to the growth
>and evolution of Open Space.  I believe we are well served by hearing these
>many voices.

This has no relation with what is under discussion. And IMHO, and as I have
already mentioned, Harrison's gift also imposes us some ethical

Any contributions each one gives to the evolution of OS in this list or
shall be ackowledge in relation with the adequate "evolution" developed.
I don't think that a new Introduction, repeating things that were MORE clear
in Harrison's Introduction (or even in Chris Introduction, by the way) is a
significative piece of "evolution" that must be quoted, and justify to have
one's name referred in a general text that will be sent regularly to the list
and, in one way or another, "represents" the all community. This is nothing
against any people; for me it is only a matter of "responsability". Please
or re-read my text; in my opinion, your points were already adressed there.

At 23:41 07-02-2001 -0800, Chris Corrigan wrote:

>I like what you have to say Peg.  I don't want to engage in a lot of
>wordsmithing or plumbing the depths for descriptions of OST, and since we had
>the "elevator definition" a few months back, I just used a couple of those,
>given that a FAQ is little more than an "elevator conversation" in itself.

As I said before, IMO, with the supression of the two initial quotations
the initial part is better that with them. And the voice of Birgitt can/shall
be referred in the apropriate place, in relation with OSO - as a
contribution/evolution of OST concepts.

In any case, I gave some suggestions only. You will accept them or
not. That's a matter of the "responsability" of the list; not mine any more.

>At any rate, if Harrison, or anyone else has a 25 word definition that
>could be
>included in the FAQ, send it my way.  And if there are specific questions
>want to see addressed, I'd invite folks to provide a question and answer and
>send it off to me and I'll insert it somewhere.
>I'll leave it at that.  Unless I hear otherwise, I'll provide the FAQ to the
>list once a month or so.

I think the list's FAQ should be included in the OS world site, and that this
site (eventually with a mention to the FAQ) should be referred in the end of
each message to the list. As far as I know the OSlist has not a movement of
people comming in and out that justifies the FAQ to be distributed more that
once a year.



PS: I still think that in "passion and responsability" it is not always
clear that
"responsability" means something  that one feels the need to do, for reasons
greater than oneself, that in many cases will go contrary to any
and normally one would feel more confortable not to do them in first place...
But one sometimes feels the responsability to do what is unconfortable...

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