OSLIST FAQ version 1.0

Chris Corrigan corcom at interchange.ubc.ca
Wed Feb 7 23:41:46 PST 2001

Peggy Holman wrote:

> Chris,
> Your FAQ is terrific!  Thanks for providing such a great resource for the
> list.

You're welcome.  I haven't heard from Murli for a while, but if he's lurking,
maybe he will follow your suggestion.

> Since I am one of the people Chris quoted, this may sound self serving.  If
> so, so be it.   I think it is quite important that more than Harrison's
> words are used throughout this FAQ.  A gift from Harrison to all of us has
> been the generosity of spirit associated with his  invitation to freely open
> space.  Through his gift, we are not be beholden to him as a guru.  There
> are many experienced practitioners who continue to contribute to the growth
> and evolution of Open Space.  I believe we are well served by hearing these
> many voices.

I like what you have to say Peg.  I don't want to engage in a lot of
wordsmithing or plumbing the depths for descriptions of OST, and since we had
the "elevator definition" a few months back, I just used a couple of those,
given that a FAQ is little more than an "elevator conversation" in itself.

At any rate, if Harrison, or anyone else has a 25 word definition that could be
included in the FAQ, send it my way.  And if there are specific questions people
want to see addressed, I'd invite folks to provide a question and answer and
send it off to me and I'll insert it somewhere.

I'll leave it at that.  Unless I hear otherwise, I'll provide the FAQ to the
list once a month or so.

Yours in the spirit of community building at any cost(!),


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