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Joelle Lyons Everett JLEShelton at
Tue Feb 6 16:44:22 PST 2001


One of the things that I learned long ago about facilitation is that if there
is something in the room with emotional energy around it, it needs to be
spoken out loud, or else things soon get very weird.

Open Space provides opportunity for participants to do just that, but
sometimes the facilitator needs to voice what is going on inside.  Not to ask
them to take care of it, but more so they know a little content about what
they are sensing.  I think it is good modeling to step out of role and be
authentically present to the group--and then go on with your job, which you
after all can do very well, even in the midst of grief.

Of course this isn't a protocol for every situation, just a right thing to do
in this one.  It is a challenge for me to learn to work from vulnerability as
well as from strength, and I believe both are important.

Thanks for the gift of sharing your story.


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