playback ost story (long)

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Tue Feb 6 16:28:56 PST 2001

In a message dated 2/6/01 11:38:01 AM, coopgrp at writes:

<<  Dave Koehler wrote:

>  do you (or anyone) notice a difference in the energy level of the group

> when all discussions are in one big room?  That seems to be my experience.

> I have never heard anyone specifically talk

> about it.



        I've noticed that the energy in the room can get quite frenetic when

all the discussions are in one room.  Sometimes this is exhilarating,

sometimes exhausting.    Laurel


My experience is a lot like Laurel's.  If I am holding space, I can get
excited about the energy level that builds in one big space.  If I am
participating, I begin to get worn down by the ongoing challenge to hear what
others are saying.  The best space I ever had was an elementary school with
13 primary classrooms opening off a small circular gym in the center of the
building and a good long wall.  The breakout groups were physically near each
other, and usually visible through windows and door-windows, and the noise
was contained in the classroom.  There was a lot of bumblebeeing, and
participants often spent a few minutes talking in the center before going on
to another session.  Much easier than the complicated path between meeting
rooms in some hotels!


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