open space once again plays in Peoria

Artur F. Silva artsilva at
Sat Feb 3 05:08:36 PST 2001

At 12:55 02-02-2001 -0500, (David Koehler) wrote:

>We just concluded (...) If I had a dollar for each time I heard
>the word "spirit" used in the closing circle, I would be quite rich.

>(...)  It was a very powerful and spirit filled moment and
>set the tone for an incredibly deep and rich closing.

>It was a real moment of magic.  Spirit touched soul.

Every time I read one of the stories sent to the list it reinforces
my idea of the power of OST. Indeed, it was mainly the stories,
and the level of help between all the members of the list, that made
me aproach OS and go to Berlin. But I think that each new story
has something marvellous. And that the tales have a magic of
their own, and are the most important part of a virtuous reinforcing
loop between OST pratictioners. Thanks, David, and all of you that
share your stories.

>After the event was over, several people indicated that they
>are planning to open space on some very specific issues that grew out of the

I would expect this "effect" to be a common one - after an OS session,
as the method is "easy" to understand and implement, I would expect
that participants would normally offer to open space by their own,
to surface follow on questions or even different problems. This could
create a growing community of citizens-facilitators intead of a countinuing
dependence on expert-facilitators.

 From the experience of you all, does this happens very often? If not,
do you have any idea about why not?



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