Multi-National Corporation?

Blake Mills MmmBlake at
Fri Feb 16 09:33:14 PST 2001

G' Day!
My name is Nancy and I am a lurker.  And, in that role I have been learning
much. Many thanks to all of you.  Time to step out into the open space.

My question to the group is:  Would OS be appropriate for a multi-national
corporation's sales force?

My client is thinking about using OS for 75 people located around the world
coming together for 4 days.  I was originally contacted about doing a 4 to 6
hour workshop on 'managing global teams:  the cultural dimensions", my
specialization as a trainer, within their 4 day meeting.  They have had this
topic several times before and are obviously very, very bright people. But,
they always feel they need more help in this area to work more effectively
across the cultural divide. There will be different country's cultures
represented.  My thinking, so far, is to do a very brief refresher on
cultural dimensions that affect the workplace, then open the space to their
theme on this topic.

My concern is that they will not get specific cultural information they are
looking for.  Or is that my control need?
My experience is with 15 OS (3 to 4 hour ones) within leadership training
programs, which have always worked great.


Thanking you in advance for any wisdom and advice.

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