Gy örgy Beck gbeck at BECKGROUND.HU
Wed Feb 14 03:49:43 PST 2001

Dear All, having replied my questions

Thank you all your kind, supportive and enthusiastic reply and invitation
for having more questions.
I wish the "reprecussive effect" would work for me. The thought about "just
do it" has reinforced me to start with local comuunity buildig and also
offering OST to a professional organization called "Joint Venture

I did read (and partly reread) the book you mention and enjoyed it.
Harrison, I feel honoured to have your answer and would like to clarify,
if "that name can be a problem" is concerning the "Open Space" or the

Of course I will endevour to translate the first pages to Hungarian (if I
find them)

Elwin, "the large group workshop/conference facilitation" is a really
useful idea and will use it.

While reading through your answers, it was like being in a warm nest.
Thank you. I will be back as soon as I will something to say :-)))

Lisa, the "Magyar stock" is world famous, I bet your mother is a wonderful
representative :-)))

Gyuri (You were using my name three different ways, and it is normal. Jsut
for your information:
György is the official version, Gyuri is the nickname in Hungarian, for
long I was using George in my English speaking
relationships. The Georgy I never used. So you can choose now)

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