Murli rismurli at cobfac.boisestate.edu
Sat Oct 9 20:04:40 PDT 1999

Folks, here is the message that I had sent to the list, along with a
message from a "Mary Stevens" that had bounced to me because she wasn't
subscribed.  I don't know if there is a Mary Stevens on our list.  I didn't
read the message closely.  I simply forwarded it to the list with a note on
what to do when your email changes .  Apparently, the system stripped what
I had written and just forwarded "Mary's" message itself.  If "Mary" is not
a member, then this is clearly someone is trying to spam the list.  I guess
I'l need to add a spam filter.



Folks, here's a message from Mary Stevens that was redirected to me.

If you are already an OSLIST member and plan to change email accounts,
here's what you should do:

1.  Subscribe to the list from your new account.  This has to be done while
you are logged in on the NEW account.

2.  Unsubscribe to the list from your old account.  This has to be done
while you are logged in on the OLD account.

Typically, people start with a new email account at least a few days before
the old account expires, so that they don't lose any of their old
email.  Sometimes, it is possible to set up some kind of an email
redirection so that any mail going to the old account automatically gets
redirected to the new account --  and also alerts you that you need to
inform the sender of the change.

If, for some reason, your old email account expires before you get the new
one, please complete STEP 1 above, and then send me a message telling me to
UNSUBSCRIBE your OLD account from the list.  If your old account expires
and is not UNSUBSCRIBED, messages will start bouncing to me and I may not
know whether I should keep or delete the account (since the problem may be
a temporary one).  I would particularly appreciate if you send a message
with the following information on a separate line:

DELETE OSLIST yourem at ilaccount



This was the message that bounced to me, that I now realize, thanks to
"alert Listie" Timothy Aaron Wright.

Hi. I wanted to let you now that I recently joined EarthLink, America's
fastest-growing Internet Service Provider, and I have a new email address.
Please send your emails to:

catstevens at earthlink.net

I don't want to lose any messages from you, so please remember to update
your address book.

EarthLink Sprint provides free Web space for its members, so I may be
setting up my Web site at http://home.earthlink.net/~catstevens/. Come
visit me soon!

If you are interested in joining EarthLink too, visit

Thanks. I hope to hear from you soon!


P.S. My old address was:(catstevens at mindspring.com, mcstevens at aol.com)

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