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Fri May 28 06:18:35 PDT 1999

Date:    Thu, 27 May 1999 22:18:58 -0500
From:    ralphsc <ralphsc at>
Subject: Re: Needs assessment query


I'm not interested in your friend's consulting opportunity, but why don't
you do it?

Love, Ralph

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Dear Ralph,

Thanks so much for your generous suggestion, Ralph!

Actually, it has turned out that *several* of the
OS-ers on this list have made this same recommendation
(as well as sharing many other valuable thoughts and
ideas), and truthfully my partner and I would *love*
to work on this needs assessment with my friend --
if OS is the direction he decides to take.

At this point, though, he may not want to go so far
so fast just walking into the door of this company.
[He doesn't actually even begin to work "inside"
until after the first of June....]

So, we'll see....I've forwarded all the posts I've
received so far to my friend [Thanks, everyone!],
and we'll see what he thinks after reviewing the
options we've shared....

In the meantime though, thanks, Ralph, for your kind
and thoughtful suggestion!  :-)  I hope all is well
in your world these days...?

As ever,

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