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Got this message after a conversation with a colleague on the Future Search
Conference listserve.  Thought some of you who like to mix and match large
group processes would be interested.
Chao, Jay Vogt

In a message dated 5/24/99 2:03:50 PM, BrowLent wrote:

<< I just used three, short open space events as part of the planning for a
future search.  They were scattered across two weeks at different times.
Each had two rounds of conversations and lasted less than four hours.  In a
church community of 1000, the three open space events provided a means for a
wide range of people to get involved, when they were available, and begin to
raise the themes for the community dialogue that will continue through out
the year.  The future search will occur at a point about 2/3 of the way
through the process.  In addition to getting everyone involved, the open
space sessions provided a lot of valuable information to the planning
committee in thinking about stakeholders, and so on.>>

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