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Metta Zetty & Gary Kimble gkmz at
Mon May 24 19:40:29 PDT 1999

Dear friends and colleagues,

I have a good friend who was just hired as
the new director of Organizational Development
and Learning for a large international supplier
of semiconductor wafer fabrication equipment and
services (3000 employees, internationally).

One of his first tasks will be to select an
external consulting firm to help with an
OD-related needs assessment, and his time
frame for making the selection of this service
provider will be very short (i.e., early June).

I am inquiring now to see if any of you might be
able and/or willing to:
  -- recommend any top-notch firms for this sort
     of project, or
  -- share from your own experience about the
     effective use of non-traditional approaches
     to assessing organizational needs....

My friend is a very astute and progressive thinker --
deeply interested in emergent, generative and
self-organizing approaches to learning and development
(dialogue, Open Space, possibly appreciative inquiry,
etc.), and he probably will not want to be bound by
a traditional "expert" based consulting model on
this project.

In fact, I suspect he would, ideally, like to enlist
consulting support that will enable him to use a
collaborative/participative process for this
assessment, so any recommendations, suggestions
and insights you might be willing to share would
be much appreciated!

I will look forward to hearing from you, and will
plan on forwarding the feedback I receive for my
friend's review and consideration....




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