Moving continents

LinGrist/RonEast school at
Tue May 18 09:32:21 PDT 1999

Hi - I will be moving, primarily to the U.K. in July of this year - my
partner is moving his theatre school to London and I am looking for
connections to the open space community there - if anyone on the list is
based in the U.K. would you please contact me?  If anyone else on the net
has connections to the U.K. or to the rest of Europe they would be willing
to share (I shall be in France some of the time) I would really appreciate it.

I can be reached at:

        school at until late june

I can also be reached now  and after I move to the UK at:

        school at

Many thanks

Lin Grist
Lin Grist
Chrysalis Group
Toronto office
phone:  416-699-2182
fax:    416-691-6733
email:  chrys at

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