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From: Viv McWaters <viv at THEREEF.COM.AU>
Date: Tuesday, July 27, 1999 10:14 PM
Subject: Re: Holding the space

>Hi Andrea and others
>Life has been busy recently so I've only just started to catch up on my
>emails. I was privileged to be able to host Birgitt while she was here in
>melbourne and we had many wonderful talks about OS. I also attended her
>training and learnt how much I didn't know!!!
>Re your question of Space Invaders and 'wise men': Birgitt spoke of the
>importance of being clear about the 'givens' in an organisation before an
>OS event - to clarify what are the 'real' givens and to highlight those
>that are simply assumptions. It seems to me that someone who takes the
>liberty of speaking on behalf of others, even if they don't see it that
>way, may be operating from the assumption that they have the authority to
>do so.
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