Holding the space

Viv McWaters viv at theReef.com.au
Tue Jul 27 21:57:36 PDT 1999

Hi Andrea and others

Life has been busy recently so I've only just started to catch up on my
emails. I was privileged to be able to host Birgitt while she was here in
melbourne and we had many wonderful talks about OS. I also attended her
training and learnt how much I didn't know!!!

Re your question of Space Invaders and 'wise men': Birgitt spoke of the
importance of being clear about the 'givens' in an organisation before an
OS event - to clarify what are the 'real' givens and to highlight those
that are simply assumptions. It seems to me that someone who takes the
liberty of speaking on behalf of others, even if they don't see it that
way, may be operating from the assumption that they have the authority to
do so.



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"Thus the task is not so much to see what no-one yet has seen, but to think
what nobody yet has thought about that which everyone sees." Schopenhauer

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