genesis of applause

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Fri Jul 9 05:36:50 PDT 1999

hmmmmm . . . I happened to have a spare moment and thought Iwould do some
internet research . . . I found several websites of etymology - none had the
word "applause"  . . . I did find this and thought it was a dose of reality.


APPLAUSE, n. [1] an explosive sound, when heard at the beginning of a
speech, shows the audience has faith; when heard in the middle, it shows
they have hope - at the end it only indicates charity

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>      I was asked this question and do not know the answer. Does anyone
>      the history of applause? Where did that start and what was the
>      original intent of putting ones hands together and clapping. Has it
>      always been to show appreciation or are there other meanings?
>      Don

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