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Viv McWaters viv at
Tue Jul 27 22:11:03 PDT 1999

Hello all

Enthused and finally willing to take the risk after deepening my
understanding of OS with Birgitt, I've put up a proposal to conduct a
regular meeting of scientists using OS.

This three-day meeting will be used to determine what the next phase of
research should be after the completion of the current three-year program
(in June 2000). The focus of research is eutrophication - or the causes of
blue-green algae in waterways, making the water dangerous to fish, animals
and humans - a serious environmental problem here in Australia.

These scientists are generally resistant to process facilitation, let alone
OS - but I think I can convince them of the benefits. My problem rests with
their desire to include the traditional scientific presentations of results
to date and feedback to each other. I have suggested that this could be a
part of the OS - where there is passion and responsibility - but there is
some resistance to this and a desire to schedule a specific session for
these reports to everyone who attends.

I am reluctant to do this (even at the beginning) because I think it will
detract from the experience of OS - and I  know if I can convince them to
try OS they will love it.

Any suggestions?



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