Sept. 25-28 OSonOS Reminder...

Peg Holman pholman at
Fri Jul 23 15:21:55 PDT 1999

Just a reminder.  Come to...

Worldwide Practitioners' Conference
Chicago, IL USA - September 25-28


For seven years now, friends from around the world have been gathering
to explore the edges of Open Space -- and to push them out just a
little bit further.  This is a place to laugh and learn -- with old
friends and kindred spirits -- some of the most experienced Open Space
practitioners on the planet and some of the most passionate new
practitioners and explorers.  You needn't consider yourself an Open
Space expert. It's enough to bring your passion, your experience and
the story from just one place where you've opened the space -- or even
a real situation where you are actively working now to open some space.
Expect high spirit and high learning -- just don't expect to "get
trained" -- because that won't happen (see above for that!).  This
gathering is all about "working with" fellow leaders from across the
region and around the world -- to open space wherever we live/work.

WHO:  Same as above, with real interest, passion and/or experience
about Open Space Technology -- but coming from all around the world.
(We had at least four continents represented last year in Monterey.)

WHEN:  Two FULL days, Saturday, September 25th (evening) through
Monday, September 27th (evening) ...with an optional one-day Worldwide
Open Space Institutes post-conference session on Tuesday, September

WHERE:  The Hampton Inn and Suites, DOWNTOWN CHICAGO.

HOSTS:  Michael Herman and Sheila Isakson

COST:  $50-200(US), on a sliding scale according to your
self-determined ability to pay.


QUESTIONS:  Call Sheila at 414-482-1996 or <mailto:isakson at>
OR Michael at 312-280-7838 or <mailto:mherman at>.

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