Cannon Beach impressions (2)

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Thu Jul 1 21:22:48 PDT 1999

Dear listfolks,

This is part 2 of my Cannon Beach OT17 impressions.

The day started with morning announcements. We had
two birthdays: Ed and the country of Canada both
had their birthdays and were sung to. I announced
that I would do some warming up and light bodywork
half an hour before morning announcements tomorrow.

As I wrote earlier, I only signed up for one session
and was going to be bumblebeeing for the rest of the
time today.
But the bumblebee got stuck in its first flower for
the full hour-and-a-half and it still carries the
pollen it found there... It was a session convened
by Virginia Burt and Birgitt Bolton about their work
with the Canadian Military Academy. Part of the
story was posted here by Virginia on May 27th. It
was great to hear the rest of the story - not only
for the story itself, but also for the beautiful
way in which the two shared it. The energy, love,
expression and harmony that they shared impressed
me. And I realized that if this is possible with
the military, why am I worrying about melting the
technicians? I found that that has to do a lot
more with the melting that has to take place
inside myself (and, in fact, did this morning)
than with melting others. Birgitt said it
beautifully: you radiate the frequency of your
intentions. If you come in being afraid, you
radiate a frequency of fear. That influences the
people around you and fear leads to anger and
anger leads to hate. If you come in feeling and
being focused on love, you radiate the frequency
of love and that's what you get. Now this may all
be easier said than done, but if you truly believe
in what you do, it can be done.
And the news about the landscape design for the
military academy? But of course, it was accepted....

I felt so full of my discoveries that I decided
to have a walk on the beach by myself. The beach
was beautiful, it did not rain and the sun even
got through now and then. I walked up to Haystack
Rock and sat by a few puddles for a while, watching
the little fish and crabs move around.

In the afternoon I have been bumblebeeing and taking
some pictures. You can see them at:
a really quick and dirty little web page, but I did
not want to spend much time on it.

At evening news, I mentioned the two messages I had
received from Barry and Romy. And warned everyone
that I was writing these reports and that anything
they did could be known to the world in a matter of

In the evening, Ann showed a video tape she had made
at an OT in 1990. It was great fun to see how things
went back then. No sticky notes for time slot and
break out room. No walking around the circle when
opening the space. Harrison needed many more words
than nowadays, but the tibetan bells were already
there. And the things people do for fun have also

That's it for today. There is a sjamanistic session
going on at the moment (21:20) but I did not go so
a report on that has to wait.

To be continued...

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utrecht, netherlands
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