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>I am a Future Search facilitator and i would like to understand what is the
>main diference between Open Space and Future Search Conference? How many
>participants the open spance support?
Open Space seems to be limited only by venue size. The largest group I have
ever worked with was about 650, But there are several folks who have handled
more than 1000. The last one I have heard about was in France done by my friend
Christopher Schoch. <schochchri at>  I think he did it a rock palace or
some such thing.  And,  of course, with some simple computer inter-connects you
can do simultaneous multi-site events. So I guess the theoretical number is

You might be interested in a book by Billy Alban and Barbara Bunker from
Josse-Bass. I forget the exact title, but it is something like Large System
Interventions. A more recent effort to compare/contrast Open Space, Future
Search, Real time Strategic Change etc will appear in the Spring from
Berrett-Koehler. Peg Holman is one of the editors and the articles are done by
the principals. So you will find Marv Weisbord on Future Search, your truly on
Open Space, Kathy Danmiller on Real Time Strategic change. 
<pholman at>

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