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>I was asked recently if I would do a session on Open Space at a national
>education conference and I have agreed. Thus, I am looking for "case"
>studies, written up, that people may know of that have been done with
>colleges and universities. Does anybody on this list know of any I might
>access? It doesn't matter to me whether they've been "published" or not.
>Examples on the web would be fine as well.
Another good example from several years standing is the MBA program at Antioch
in Seattle. I can't say what they are doing at the moment, but there was a time
when the whole second year was conducted in Open Space. I guess that is a
little bit of a stretch, but they would start the year with a 2 two day Open
Space -- which essentially established the curriculum for the balance of the
year. Individual modules might be conducted in a very standard format, but the
context was Open Space. There are a number of folks you might contact for an
update, but I would start with Anne Stadler. I think she is on this listserve,
but may not check it so much. Anyhow, her email is <annestad at uswest.net>

There is another fellow from DePaw (sp?) who also used Open Space in a graduate
MBA program... name has slipped my mind, but maybe somebody else online can

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