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Andrea Barrett here with an item for discussion. In my experience there comes along in OS Conference every once in  awhile, a facilitation dilemma: Iwould be interested in your input:

AS the conference facilitator I have been intrigued by some of the conferences that I have been asked to facilitate. If I had not been asked to facilitate them, then I would have certainly have been attracted to attend as a participant. This generally happens if the Conference theme relates directly to my area of expertise (facilitation/organisational consultancy). If  I am in the role of OS Conference facilitator and am passionate about the theme and want to convene a session as well as facilitating the event I am faced with a dilemma.

Is conveneing a session whilst facilitating the event abandoning (albeit temporarily) the role of space holder. Is it confusing for the participants?  I have seen Harrison doing it although that was at an OS on OS for facilitators.....ANy responses?


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