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I will soon be opening the space at a large conference of professionals in
the hospitality industry, and am asking for your thoughts and support.

First, can someone remind me how to get software or templates for the
purpose of inputting deliberations to be printed out?

The conference is a four day event; the Saturday is preconference meetings
and then the keynote; the open space is a day long, on Sunday. The third
and fourth days are planned workshops and panels, and capnote speaker. I
would have preferred to open space on the final day, but am willing to work
with the schedule that was decided upon.

The conference brochure looks good, and a special letter has been
distributed to invite participants into the open space. The theme is issues
and opportunities for the industry in the new millenium. We expect 350-450
people. The facilities, main room, breakouts, etc. are terrific. I know
that we'll have to close the space formally, and remind folks that the Law
is not in effect for the next two days.

Anything in particular to which you think I should pay attention? What
differences do you notice between annual conferences and organizational
planning events?

I'm committed to having a good time, sharing open space with them, and if
thirty people stay through the day I'm fine with that. However, I would
like to extend the possibility that the day will be the best they have ever

Jeff Aitken

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I have led maybe 20 of these from 200-600 participants at conferences. I
develop my own report form on the word processing software that the
participants are most familiar with--WP or Word most likely. The data on the
form for this kind of event is less critical as it is primarily for their
own learning--I presume you are not expecting action to result on behalf of
the sponsoring organization. I still clarify givens and parameters for
action with the sponsors and the possible dead moose.. I follow the process
in Harrison's book pretty much with numbering reports and disks, one printer
and one manager for the computer room.

It will certainly affect what happens after the OS and this can be great. It
tends to give permission to use the principles and law for the rest of the
event, whether the planners like that or not.

Have a great time.


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