Drop off in numbers

Kathleen A Pichola kapich at juno.com
Tue Dec 21 18:54:44 PST 1999

I have been reading with interest the discussion about drop off in
numbers.  I haven't facilitated any open spaces yet so I don't have any
thing to add from a facilitator point of view.  However, I do remember an
experience I had as a participant.  When I was in a training program with
Birgitt and Harrison, I missed the closing session on the first day.  It
was not the end of the training, but definitely the end of the open
space.  I chose not to go to the session because I was engaged in a
fascinating conversation with another participant.  It was more important
to me to finish the conversation than to go to the closing.  I did this
almost guilt free because I took seriously the law of two feet.  I was
doing what was best for me in exercising my passion. It was not a comment
on the facilitation or the importance of the closing...more about what
had the most passion for me.  That conversation to this day is a
highlight of that training program. I hope this is helpful.
Merriest of Holidays to all of you.  Try to catch the full moon on
Wednesday..the biggest , brightest and last of the century.  Happy
Kathleen Pichola

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