Drop Off in Numbers

Birgitt Bolton birgitt at worldchat.com
Fri Dec 17 17:46:51 PST 1999

I am interested in  the new words that have entered our story of Open Space.
The words of "passion overload". It is a concept that I can't quite grasp.
Seems to me that as humans we have limitless capacity for passion, love,
joy, bliss, compassion.... And that these are some of the greatest gifts of
Spirit for us and with us. When we experience ever increasing amounts of
passion, love, joy, bliss, compassion...I see the angels dancing in glee.

So, I wonder if we have accepted just a little too easily this concept that
"passion overload" is why a drop off in numbers occurs. I think there are
many and varied reasons, not least of which is that when adults are free to
behave as adults, they go into freedom shock and face the fullness of being
accountable for their learning, behaviours, experiences... and somewhere in
the Open Space experience they get that this is so and that there are no
"they" to blame, no victims. I have read much  about humans getting locked
into victim and/or dependent mentality and they have been conditioned to
this by many of our school systems and much of our corporate world.

Seems like the Open Space experience blows the doors off of this one, and
that the good news is that Open Space works and the bad news is that Open
Space works. And that life will never be exactly the same after people in
Open Space have demonstrated to others their inner greatness.

For me, I don't believe we have "passion overload". It would be a lesser
world if this was really possible.


Birgitt Bolton
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