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Thu Dec 16 07:32:26 PST 1999

Peg Holman wrote:

> I am about to do some work with the Washington State Arts Commission
> to create a strategic plan.

Dear Peg,

Your posting brings up an interesting question for me.  It's one that I
find arises in most situations when "organizations of social good"
(a.k.a. "nonprofits") turn their gaze toward their desired future.

And that is the sense that no matter what the good folks, who are
involved, see as oppty, they find themselves restricted by their
construction of the limited resources available to them.

If this is of interest, here's a bit more of the thinking....

It's been my experience that in everyday life, most organizations are
held back by the sense that their resources are finite and never
sufficient.  Consciously or otherwise, this view acts to inhibit their
imagination, vision and enterprise.  If our resources are limited, then
our horizons must also be limited.

 In fact, it is my belief and has been a lesson learned time and again
that our resources -- will, energy and even money -- are invariably more
abundant than we can imagine.  Strange as it may seem, however, the
question is not really whether sufficient resources exist, but whether
we believe they do.  For how can we succeed in bringing these resources
to the surface, and realizing their generative potential, if not through
our conviction that plenty is available -- and to the extent that we
truly believe in their abundance?

It seems that OS does an incredible job of allowing people to see the
will and energy that is available in a room if not the larger system.
Still, folks can feel constricted financially.

Does this make any sense to you?  Does this speak to any of your own
past experiences?

Forgive me, Peg, if this offering is contrary to the spirit of OS.  I'm
new to OS, and am coming from more of an AI perspective, which I know
you share, and a background with people who exhibit inspired

In peace,
Jim Lord
Cleveland OH USA
lord at
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