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Thu Dec 16 06:25:09 PST 1999

I am about to do some work with the Washington State Arts Commission to create a strategic plan.  It starts with a one-day statewide OS, followed by 18 1/2-day OSs in communities around the state all focused on the "issues and opportunities for arts and culture in the state and in your communities".  These events will be followed by another one-day statewide OS to focus on what's most important for arts and culture in the state..  We will be making  arts materials available and inviting people to express their ideas not only in words but in other media.

One of the questions we are sitting with is how to carry the spirit of the meetings from one to the next and ultimately to the second large gathering.  We've discussed a nineteeth "virtual" OS using an electronic bulletin board, a regularly scheduled on-line chat time and/or a listserv.  I know there have been lots of experiments with continuing OSs on-line and am wondering what's working for people.  

Other ideas for "keeping the spirit alive" are also welcome!  

Also, there's a practical side to this question: what is the best way to capture the documentation from the 3.5 hour community sessions?

Any thoughts would be appreciated!

Peg Holman

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