WTO; drop-off

Jeff Aitken jeffa at tmn.com
Mon Dec 6 23:32:54 PST 1999

David corrected me: the WTO piece was written by Susan Partnow on the AI
list and David forwarded it to us.

Regarding drop-off: I opened the space on the second day of a four-day
annual conference last spring near Lake Tahoe - 380 people in three
concentric circles. There were 23 sessions created and 90% of those who
participated were very satisfied based on their feedback at the end. But
there were only 125 in the sessions. Everyone else went skiing or gambling
etc! It was a shock at first but I had to figure that the law of two skis
(or two blackjack cards?) is a wonderful and powerful thing. No doubt
everyone got what they needed (or lost what they brought)


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