OS and the Journey of my own development

BJ Peters bjpeters at amug.org
Sat Dec 4 11:10:47 PST 1999

Dylene Cymraes wrote:

> Dear Ones All!
> I wanted to share a recent revelation I experienced.  I am new to the world
> of OS facilitation--at least formally--and I am finding it is resonating in
> my life in very important ways.  In preparing myself for an OS that I will be
> doing at the beginning of the year, and in re-reading the manual, I realized
> that I still live very much wedded to outcome in many aspects of my day to
> day living.  As I know that I choose to move more into an OS frame of mind
> and lifestyle, this was one part of myself that I was smiling to discover
> again.  No judgements on myself (refreshing!) but in remembering to be
> present and conscious--not just around OS, but by remembering that I am
> building my life daily--I feel that it is one more place that OS has been
> good training for my soul.  Besides--If I can remember to apply OS to my
> life, how much more effective will I be as a facilitator?  As I learn to let
> go of this iron fist control in my own life, then obviously I am living in OS
> instead of just using it for facilitation.
> I know that I am young in the process, and that many of you got to this place
> a long time ago--just wanted to share how much you all are helping me create
> my own OS to grow in.
> Thank you all for your mentoring through this list, and other ways--
> Blessings!
> Dylene Cymraes
> "The Journey of the Soul cuts your feet, wounds your heart...and makes you
> whole."

Dylene-- Thank you so much for sharing your journey and progress in
living an
open space life. I strive for that and experience the same challenges,
particularly when whacked by major life events that are unanticipated
like (just
this week) open heart surgery for my best friend, the death of a relationship,
losing a client... The quote from Dylene Cymraes powerfully impacted and
nourished me. Thank you again.

In harmony --BJ
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