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Lothar Franz LotharFranz at t-online.de
Thu Aug 26 12:20:37 PDT 1999

Dear Betty,

I can really encourage you to start a small OS. We have a so called open space
learning group in Berlin. Every eight to twelve weeks we meet and work on OS
with OS-Methodology.

As long as you believe in what you are doing and as long as the main conditions
for OS exist. DO IT!

My first OS: 25 were expected to come, eight finally turned up. All of them had
no OS experience. My co-facilitator and I were really nervous. We were not sure
if it really works. Our theme was:
»Transformational Processes in large groups«. It was a really energising OS-

Basically you do the same steps like in a big OS. But I think you should be
aware that a small number of OS participants requires a slightly different
"facilitator behaviour". For example: when you focus a (small) group it seems to
be strange when you start walking slowly around the inside of the (small) circle
to create contact in-between the participants. Instead we invited people to look
at each other to build contact.

Next week I will use OST (for one day) to open a two days meeting for 12
participants (youth camp managers)
..... and I am looking forward!

All the best


PS. If you did not get my English I can send you the German version!

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