Self-organizing systems

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Tue Aug 24 12:22:01 PDT 1999

Denis and All-- I really appreciated your comments as I have appreciated this
incredible whole discussion on Spirit and self-organizing.

Denis Hitchens wrote:

> Back to my questions about pre-conditions.
> If self-organisiing is happening all the time, and I seem to gather that you
> say that quite often, then what is role of pre-conditions?

To me, pre-conditions, whatever they may be, function (in part) to advance or
hinder positive outcomes of self-organizing. Times when open space has been less
effective for my clients, the client had either not set the stage by communicating
enough or had a hidden agenda not shared with me that became evident as they tried
to manipulate the outcome. Sometimes I can impact pre-conditions by listening to my
"inner wisdom" and asking the right questions; othertimes not.

Denis Hitchens wrote:

> I am with you on the potential confusion of spirit.  Could this be from some
> potential ambiguity of our own spirit vis-a-vis some perceived  external
> interferring yet claimed-to-be-noninterferring Spirit. It seems to me that
> inappropriate use of the word spirit leads to a reflection of super-natural
> supervision.

Yes! The "recovering Catholic" (taught to fear an  ever-watchful, punishing,
interfering God) in me struggles constantly with the spiritually emerging me that
believes in a non-interfering Spirit ala "Conversations With God, Book III by Neale
Donald Walsh). When Spirit comes up in the context of my work and this dialogue,
however, I am not confused. I know at an intuitive level what it means. And I hope
the struggle that I (and probably others) have does not keep us from using the
words that have heart and meaning for us.

Denis Hitchens wrote:

> The PaterNoster project

> Recently I have been engaged with a few colleagues considering the christian
> universal prayer  --  the Our Father.

I am most interested in this project as I have been in process of rewriting this
prayer for years.

Denis Hitchens wrote:

> I had never seen the prayer as petition;  must have moved into recital mode
> at "Hallwed be thy name"  and seeing that as praise and adoration.  But as a
> petition it becomes "I hope/pray that the world hallows thy name"  rather
> than an affirmation that I do.

I will take a risk (read: overcome my "recovering Catholic" side which tells me I
am arrogant for even thinking about rewriting the Our Father) and share my current
Higher Spirit in everything that is,
Varied be Thy Name.
Let awareness and  connection come,
Collective goodwill be done
On Earth as it is in the Universe.

Remind Us to share
What We have to give this day,
And guide Us to forgiveness
Of Ourselves and Others.

Lead Us out of temptation,
And away from ego,
As We fulfill our potential for love,
Co-creation and wisdom.


Thanks to all for this thought-provoking, heart-engaging, Spirit-infused dialogue.

In harmony  --BJ
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