Birgitts question of spirit and self-organising

Bryan Kidd bryan at
Fri Aug 20 08:41:51 PDT 1999

Hi everyone

I believe that self-organisation is an expression of spirit; rather than
being mutually exclusive they exist in a powerful relationship.  This
discussion is a clear example of the relationship.

The process seems to be that we engage in being our true selves , and in
doing so energise our spirit.  This, in turn, empowers us to take action
that represents our spirit.  Birgitt has taken such action, as have others,
and the result is a self-organising system.

Perhaps we are sometimes bound by the need to represent transformational
concepts and process in a manner palatable to our clients, and using terms
such as self-organising may fit that need as it has far more functional
flavour than spirit.

These brief reflections represent one exression of my spirit as I
contribute to organising our understanding of the issue.



Bryan Kidd
Consulting Director
HyPerformance Team Works
Melbourne Australia
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