Self-organizing systems

David Koehler Dmk4812 at
Mon Aug 23 08:13:48 PDT 1999

I think you are correct in using different language and descriptions of OS.
Especially since I hear from time to time OS talked about in relation to
clients.  Even though we know that spirit or Spirit is part of the OS
experience, it is hard to talk about it to people who have not yet had the
experience.  For the purpose of the web site, however, it seems to me to be
appropriate to talk about spirit as well as self organizing.

Just another thought for what it's worth.  The nice thing about OS is that
draws us into community.  OS is not something that you can do all alone.
Community and spirit are one in the same for me.  I understand the concept of
the "self organizing" nature of OS, but that  language doesn't make the
connection to spirit the way community does.

Dave Koehler

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