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Harrison Owen owen at
Thu Aug 19 15:04:00 PDT 1999

At 12:00 PM 8/19/1999 -0400, you wrote:
>Barry, Peg, Koos, and Michael,
>I have just checked out the whole site and think you've done a great job and
>can only imagine how hard the work must have been to put it all together!!!!
>A true thank you. The only thing I am not sure of is whether OST is about
>self organizing systems and so I include my comments below to invite members
>of the list to a discussion about this. Maybe I am just about to demonstrate
>my lack of grasping self organizing systems......
Thank God the heathen and great unwashed are still among us. And Birgitt
most of all. Welcome Home!!!

For whatever it is worth I do think that OST is about Spirit manifesting in
time and Space -- AND -- it is also about self-organizing systems. Same
thing -- different words so far as I am concerned. first of all, does
anybody really suppose that we are going to organize Spirit? Seems to me
that is pretty much self (spirit) organization from the git-go. As far as
having or not having self-organizing systems (SOS?)   at our  present stage
of development  -- I find myself firmly convinced that there are no
non-self-organizing systems. There are, to be sure, some (deluded) folks
who actually think that they did the organizing -- and worse -- think they
are still in charge. And push come to shove -- I really want to say, it is
self-organizing systems all the way -- past, present, and future. From the
big Bang, to the present moment, to the eschaton (how's your Greek?) --
self organization all the way. Of course, you could say God did it., Which
is probably also true.  Or -- that is just a manifestation of Spirit. with
which I would agree.

Welcome Home Digit! -- I love it.... this is what my spell checker did to
Birgitt. Go figure!

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