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Is it Self-organizing or self-organizing, (atman or Atman, spirit or
Spirit)? I agree with Harrison, it is both/and.

I think the scientific community uses "self organizing" to refer to the
learning that order is emergent rather than imposed when "the conditions are
right". There are principles at work that seen to enable self-organization.
(As opposed to assuming that real order is imposed by some "outside" force.)
This can be demonstrated with some scientific precision at this point, a new
learning for science and organization theory. Birds flocking in computer
simulations, etc.  In fact all order is emergent within its context and

Many of us see another level of that reality, as Ken Wilbur suggests, where
Spirit is continually manifest in each moment of order. Open Space allows us
to be more aware of that manifestation and more intentional about creating
the conditions and more open to Spirit's intention in that manifestation.


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>Barry, Peg, Koos, and Michael,
>I have just checked out the whole site and think you've done a great job
>can only imagine how hard the work must have been to put it all
>A true thank you. The only thing I am not sure of is whether OST is about
>self organizing systems and so I include my comments below to invite
>of the list to a discussion about this. Maybe I am just about to
>my lack of grasping self organizing systems......
Thank God the heathen and great unwashed are still among us. And Birgitt
most of all. Welcome Home!!!

For whatever it is worth I do think that OST is about Spirit manifesting in
time and Space -- AND -- it is also about self-organizing systems. Same
thing -- different words so far as I am concerned. first of all, does
anybody really suppose that we are going to organize Spirit? Seems to me
that is pretty much self (spirit) organization from the git-go. As far as
having or not having self-organizing systems (SOS?)   at our  present stage
of development  -- I find myself firmly convinced that there are no
non-self-organizing systems. There are, to be sure, some (deluded) folks
who actually think that they did the organizing -- and worse -- think they
are still in charge. And push come to shove -- I really want to say, it is
self-organizing systems all the way -- past, present, and future. From the
big Bang, to the present moment, to the eschaton (how's your Greek?) --
self organization all the way. Of course, you could say God did it., Which
is probably also true.  Or -- that is just a manifestation of Spirit. with
which I would agree.

Welcome Home Digit! -- I love it.... this is what my spell checker did to
Birgitt. Go figure!

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