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>Dear OST Friends Teh
>I am a recent convert to OST, having used it very successfully with a
>number of my clients here in Australia.
>One client wants to explore its use in an education project in Africa. Does
>anyone have case studies of the effectiveness of OST in an African cultural
>setting? and does anyone know of OST facilitators working in Africa? Many
>thanks to anyone who can assist.
>Warm regards
Actually OST started in Africa, at least as far as I am concerned. I think
I told that tale in a number of places. So Michael's story about the
Bishops doesn't surprise me. In Southern Africa they call it Indaba -- and
in the West -- Palaver.... So yes OST is/was/will be alive and well in
Africa. Works wonderful there as (apparently) anywhere else. Not
incidentally Peace Corps has used it quite extensively all over. As for
facilitators, there are several in South Africa, and elsewhere for sure.

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