OST in Africa

Michael M Pannwitz mmpanne at snafu.de
Thu Aug 12 01:16:17 PDT 1999

Dear Andrew,
in 1998 I did a leadership training for Anglican Bishops in Nairobi
in open space.
While I was into my introduction one of the older bishops exclaimed,
hey, I know this, its baraza.
An immediate discussion ensued in which several remembered that it
had been a key element in their village culture.
All noted that it is no longer used except perhaps in some very
remote places.
So open space is deeply imbedded in African Culture, at least in
I heard of a number of open space events in South Africa, maybe
Harrison knows more on that.
I will forward this mail also to my colleague Hans Walker in
Zimbabwe, I would think he would know about open space facilitators
What part of Africa are you talking about?

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