Some advice please

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Mon Aug 9 22:29:46 PDT 1999

Thanks to everyone who responded to my request for advice on making Harrison
available in your houses and cars through the miracle of recorded sound!

Here's the result:

20 people responded.

The options:
1 CD only:  1 person chose
5 CD set:    10 people chose (50%)
Both:          6 people wanted the option to do either

No one said don't do it; perhaps those folks didn't respond (are any of you
out there?)

Tape or CD:
CD:     8 people chose
Tape:  3 people chose
Both:   4 people chose

Other comments:
3 people expressed the desire to be sure people didn't see the audio as a
replacement for training

1 person wants a booklet that gives OS basics and what to expect on the CDs

So, what's next?  If costs allow, I'll do both options on both media.  If
costs limit my options, then I'll produce a 5 CD set.  There will be an
insert that describes what's on the CDs and that indicate its a supplement
to other ways of learning about OS.  And whichever media, there will be
tracks to make it easy to skip to your favorite parts!

Thanks to everyone for their help.  I'll let you know when there's a real

Peg Holman

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From: Peg Holman <pholman at EMAIL.MSN.COM>
Date: Tuesday, August 03, 1999 6:14 PM
Subject: Some advice please

>When Harrison came to Seattle to do the Open Space Facilitation Workshop,
>audio taped the sessions.  The Open Space Institute (US) will make the
>material available for sale.  I'm about to go to production and want your
>help in a little "market research."  What would appeal most to you?
>First, here are the options on what to provide:
>1.  1 CD for about $15-20 with Harrison talking about "The Role of the
>Facilitator" and actually opening the space for a group on the theme of
>"creating and sustaining learning communities"
>2.  A 5 CD set for about $60-70 with Harrison talking about:
>    a.  "The Role of the Facilitator" and actually opening the space for a
>group (as above)
>    b.  Opening Space for Chaos and Creativity
>    c.  The Journey of Spirit: The Adaptive Process (includes discussion of
>the grief work cycle)
>   d.  Opening Space for the Forms of Spirit (includes discussion of the
>stages of organization transformation)
>   e.  Opening Space for Cultivating Spirit (includes discussio of the role
>of stories and myths)
>3.  I don't really think there's a market for this.
>One other question: would you prefer CDs or cassette tapes?
>Please send your opinions to osi at .  I will summarize for the list
>what I hear.
>Peg Holman

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