Musings on the Law of Two Feet

Bryan Kidd bryan at
Wed Aug 4 02:03:42 PDT 1999

Hi Koos.

I am new new to this list server, and to the concept of open space.
However, I have significant experience with participant managed learning
It seems to me that the law of two feet assumes an acceptance of the Open
Space process.  My experience suggests that some participants are more
prepared to protect their existing assumptions about learning than engaging
in the learning.  Bashing the convenor is a way to devalue the process, and
therefore protect their existing assumptions.  Also, misery around learning
and contributing may lead to a compulsion to remain and protect those
Learning may be seen as a process of deconstucting old assumptions and
reconstruction new assumptions.  Therefore it may be that it is the
assumptions that need to be addressed before effective learning and
contribution can begin, continue or accelerate.

As to the idea of having fun, it would seem appropriatte to investigate
whether the fun is being had in learning and contributing, or if it is
being had in avoiding learning and contributing.  Sometimes, you may be
assistting the group to learn and contribute, and this would seem to have
value, as would learning and contributing personally.

Perhaps the laws are OK, and it is attention to process that would help to
address your concerns.

Bryan Kidd
Melbourne, Australia

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