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Tue Aug 31 09:02:10 PDT 1999

hello bryan,

yes, the proceedings from the event will (at some point) be available on
web ...and your thoughts about worldwide are on target too.  what we
have here
on the listserve and on the new website are in line with this. what
osonos special is the face-to-face time.  i think that the face to face
even with a small slice of the worldwide community helps sustain all the
e-distance stuff throught hte  rest of the year.  sorry we'll miss you
year, but hope you'll send a friend and try to join us next year... or
OT... or
at a workshop with harrison or others....  in the meantime, we'll do
what we
can to bring the face-to-face experience online... though the live stuff
is so
much fun that we won't have much time for e-stuff DURING the conference.

best for now, m

Bryan Kidd wrote:

> I feel that this would be a wonderful event, but, alas, other
> preclude me from attending.
> > Just a last reminder.  Come to...
> >
> > Worldwide Practitioners' Conference
> > Chicago, IL USA - September 25-28
> As I am relatively new to OST, I am wondering two things:
> Firstly, are reports from the conference placed on the OST web site?
> Secondly, is there an opportunity to be remotely involved in some way?

> E-Mail, Listserv, Web-Board, Chat room, Form-mail? This sets me
> about making the conference truly 'worldwide' with concurrent regional

> conferences!  Or is this already happening?
> Cheers.
> Bryan.

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