SV: Help with an Open Space for scientists

Herrmann, Thomas thomas.herrmann at
Sun Aug 15 12:45:14 PDT 1999

Hi Viv
Hope it's not too late but I want to share an experience regarding your
issue. This last spring me and some collegues held a serie (four) events
that started with a traditional two-hour "lecture". I think it worked well
anyway because we arranged so that the 60-100 attandandees had to move to a
new room for the OS-event. That way they probably noticed the benefit of
not going on the traditional way.
Greetings Thomas

Viv McWaters wrote:
> These scientists are generally resistant to process facilitation, let
> OS - but I think I can convince them of the benefits. My problem rests
> their desire to include the traditional scientific presentations of
> to date and feedback to each other.

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